Seven Hill Hash House Harriers

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7H4 Hash Trail#1480 - Wednesday, Sep 24th

Start: 1208 Perrowville Rd. (park in the now closed Food Lion parking lot.this is the Food Lion that used to be open right across the street from Jefferson Forest HS)

Hares: Oompa Loompa, Puke On, NFN Jacy, NFN Cathy

Time: 6:30

Cost: $5

Beermeister: YES

Special Instructions: Not dog friendly trail Virgin trail / virgin finish Hotdogs/beer at finish (possible keg at finish)

Upcuming Trails: All upcuming trails are open! CALL A TRAIL!

If you want to lay a trail or have an announcement, email RubHer Tits at .

As always, text complaints and last minute questions to Puke On.

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Seven Hills Hash House Harriers
A Drinking Club with a Running Problem

The traditions of the Seven Hills Hash House Harriers began in Lynchburg, Virginia on June 21, 1992. The 7H4 meets every Wednesday evening pretty much year around and often on Sunday afternoons during the winter. But anyone can call a hash anytime.

The hares of the 7H4 use white flour and chalk to mark trail and the pack blows whistles and shouts “on-on” to simulate the baying of the hounds. The trails are 3-6 miles in length and conclude with a “circle” during which the hares and hounds drink “down-downs” of the beverage of their choice. There is always plenty of beer, water, and soda for everyone.

After the circle and the down-downs, the pack often continues the festivities by going on-on to a local pub. But since hashers are known as beer drinkers with a running problem and since the first (and only) rule of hashing is: THERE ARE NO RULES! You just never know; you have to be there to find out. See you Wednesday and/or Sunday!

See the calendar for trail announcements and events. Call the Hash line, 434-582-8076, for last minute changes

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